What is FastMerchant?

  1. What is FastMERCHANT?

The founder, sole distributor or brand owner of a product & service wants to reach more customers in same-day delivery & have full control of a marketplace.

  1. Why should you become a FastMERCHANT in Fastentix?

FastMERCHANT can benefit from the Fastentix ecosystem, which focuses on the same-day delivery concept while ensuring the products are delivered by your authorised agents close to the buyer’s area.

  1. What are the advantages of becoming a FastMERCHANT?
  • 90% of the marketplace is controlled by the FastMerchant.
  • Approved, decline & block FastSELLER.
  • Centralised price for all FastSELLER stores.
  • Standardised price, product image & corporate identity.
  1. How to register as a FastMERCHANT?

Register your business and brand here. A Fastentix representative will contact you to provide you with a more detailed explanation and then assist you in registering as a FastMERCHANT.

We will help you fill out your Fastentix online store information and provide you with all the necessary guidelines to get your business up and running.

  1. How much is the FastMERCHANT fee charge?

Free. No payment is required to list the sales products and services. Other charges are based on the needs, such as online advertising and others.

  1. Can I become a FastMERCHANT if I do not have any agent?

Yes, you may. Your products and services will only be listed to a nearby customer within a 25km range for same-day delivery.

If the customer opts for the courier service for the delivery method, then your brand will be listed in the ‘out of range’ options.

  1. What is the difference between the booking system I have and Fastentix?

Fastentix is not a B2B management system. Fastentix is a B2C (Business-to-Customer) management system that focuses on same-day delivery and product authenticity. We are a service provider that guarantees fast service and product authenticity.

  1. I want to sign up as a FastMERCHANT. Is it possible for me to represent them if I am a distributor/agent?

There are two ways to become a FastMERCHANT:

  1. Ask the brand owner to be a FastMERCHANT, list out their products and services, and you need to be appointed as a FastSELLER in a specific area of locality.
  2. If they are not interested, then you need to get official permission from the brand owner. We will make the confirmation. Please contact and reach us for further information.

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