The Super Duper FastSquad

  1. Who is a FastSQUAD?

FastSQUAD is an entitlement that refers to or consists of the members, affiliates and drops shippers. There are 5 easy ways to generate income that you can participate/join in.

  1. Why do I need to be a FastSQUAD?

We connect you with all the FastMERCHANT’s products at discounted FastSQUAD prices. Make a purchase, and you will be a part of the salesperson without managing the product on your own. The referral affiliate and drop ship commissions will appear on the e-wallet directly, and you are allowed to withdraw 100% to your bank account.

  1. What is the difference between FastSQUAD and the common dropship or affiliate systems?

FastSQUAD offer 5 ways to generate income and helps you to connect with various brands in only one big community of buyers. FastSQUAD can accept same-day orders and shipments/deliveries (SDD/COD) without doing so.

  1. How to generate income as a FastSQUAD?

1.      FastSQUAD introduces FastSQUAD – by using the referral system.

2.      Affiliate system that is based on sharing of the product links or store links.

3.      Dropship system, purchase for the customer without the need to manage the order fulfilment.

4.      FastSQUAD’s purchase commission on 3 tiers.

5.      FastSQUAD’s purchase commission in 3 tiers will focus multiple upon the success of referring 5 members of FastSQUAD on Fastentix.

  1. How much does the FastSQUAD registration fee cost?

The fee will cost you about RM 150.00 and above. You may purchase and choose the products or any brands that you prefer from the available FastSQUAD packages offered.

  1. How to become a FastSQUAD in Fastentix?

1.      Download the FASTENTIX application on Android or iOS.

2.      Sign up for a first-time user. Then, log in to Fastentix app.

3.      Go to Me à Account à Upgrade to FastSQUAD

4.      Choose the FastSQUAD package that you prefer (Select the product and brand)

5.      Make a payment of RM150.00 as a registration fee.

6.      Update your profile and promote your business.

  1. Is there a ‘once in a lifetime’ registration fee?

Yes, if you actively make a purchase of at least RM 150.00 within a year.